what we treat.

Research shows that low back pain is generally a mechanical disorder requiring precise and focused treatment. Chiropractic care treats the root cause of your low back discomfort to provide safe, effective, long-lasting pain relief. 

LOw back pain

Sciatica is—quite literally—a pain in the butt than runs down your leg and occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed. It can often prevent you from walking, sitting, or standing as you normally would.


Chiropractic can be extremely effective in the treatment of migraines, tension and cervicogenic headaches, as they result from disturbances of the bones, joints, muscles, nerves from the spine.

headaches & migraines

That burning pain right between your shoulder blades. or almost feels like its underneath your shoulder blade is an extremely common and highly responsive condition we treat daily.

pain between
shoulder blades

A stiff, painful neck is an all-too-common problem; one that puzzles most people when it comes to pinpointing its cause. Many people just seem to wake up with it. 

neck pain

Mid-back pain is often a result from improper posture throughout the day. It responses brilliantly to our treatment and along with some easy exercises doesn't return.

mid back pain

Our bread and butter

We know what we're good at...

We do NOT treat vertigo or unexplained dizziness.

We do NOT treat rotater cuff tears or injuries.

We do NOT treat pain from a severe fall or injury.

We do NOT treat pain directly a following an automobile accident.

We do NOT treat neuropathy.

We do NOT treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

We do NOT treat plantar fasciitis.

We do NOT treat knee pain that is not coming from the back.

Here are some common conditions that we
do            treat:


because expectations are everything!

I believe in figuring out ways to live the life you want without the pain and discomfort...not letting the pain and discomfort determine what you do.

Seeing people find wellness while learning how to manage it themselves is what fires me up. We only have one life to live, I believe in making it count and chasing happiness with reckless abandon.

I also believe in data; maaaan, I love data.

So I got to work over the last 15 years, crunched the success rate numbers, tested the methods (like a LOT of them), and built Chiropractic treatment plans that I *know* work.

My tested process is now your path to feeling the way you deserve. Get ready... you've just found the Chiropractic office you've been hoping for.

"It's time to overcome the pain you are living in."

Ready for a change?

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Have you never tried Chiropractor because you were nervous about the twisting or the popping?

Have you tried Chiropractic in the past but just didn't think you fit in that office or agreed with how they ran things?

Are you living with more pain that you wish you were?

Are you not doing the things that you enjoy because of the way your body feels?

Do you want to fins a solution that involves less medication and that actually works to find the source of your pain?

Wondering if this is right for you? Just ask yourself if you can relate to the following:

- Becky B. 

"I can't imagine where I'd be without treatment by Dr.Christina! Seriously life-changing."

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