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looking for mid back pain right side treatment?

A lot of patients will ask why right sided pain is more common and we have found that's its because the majority of the population is right handed therefore uses their right side more allowing it to error more frequently than the left.

experiencing mid back pain radiating to your ribs?

Our patients will describe this pain as starting near the spine but the moving to their ribs. Radiating pain can be confusing but just think of the pain traveling from one area to another.

looking for mid back pain treatment overland park & leawood

You've searched high and low, googled, asked friends and yet nothing that you have tried has gotten rid of your mid back pain. Well, look no further! As thousands of our patients would agree, you've found the right place.

specifically if you fit into one of these:

mid back pain treatment Leawood & overland park... you've found your answer!

At ayh, we have a VERY high success rate for mid back pain treatment and it's for several reasons. We always start with some good paperwork. We want to hear how YOU describe your pain, what you rate it and what makes it better and what makes it worse. Then, it is time for your consultation with your new favorite Chiropractor that is focused on your mid back pain... this is where we go deep. Dr.Christina is known for her bright scrubs and her talkativeness so don't worry she will know ALL the details about your mid back pain before your consultation is over so she can develop a tailored mid back pain treatment plan for you. No one is treated exactly the same in our clinic because no two humans are the same even if they are both experiencing the same mid back pain.

Mid back pain treatment leawood & overland park

lets break down problem number one:

Jumping out of bed ready to start the day! (after coffee of course)

Killing it at your job as the time flies by & even having a co-worker compliment your posture.

You get to binge your favorite new show without interruption!

to this with mid back pain treatment...

Waking up with mid back pain.

Having mid back pain when you are sitting at your desk distracting you.

You're watching Netflix & keep having to pause to get ice for your mid back pain.

just imagine going from...

Mid back pain treatment with Dr.Christina will take you from...

are you ready?

- carla s.

"I can't imagine where I'd be without Dr.Christina's mid back pain treatment!"

Say Hello to mid back pain treatment Leawood & Overland Park

Problem Solved

with Dr.Christina

Everyone from your partner to your co-worker is going to point out your new and improved posture with those shoulders back.

improved posture!


Most of our patient report an increased range of motion both with everyday activities as well as with their workouts following their mid back pain treatment.

better range of motion!


That's the goal right? Dr.Christina will always be honest about how much if not all of your mid back pain can be eliminated. After all, expectations are everything!

less or no pain!


Let's chat results. Here's what you can expect from your Mid Back Pain treatment!

Dr.Christina takes a very straight forward approach when it comes to mid back pain radiating to ribs treatment. We always like to say that each patient is individually assessed and treated accordingly but what you will like to hear is that if diagnosed with mid back pain radiating to ribs at adjust your health (ayh as we like to call ourselves)... your success rate is HUGE. The reason being is that most of the time this pain is coming from a pinch or pressure found along the spine in between the shoulder blades or slightly lower. Using gentle but extremely effective chiropractic adjustments (don't worry no popping or twisting) Dr.Christina is able to release this pinch or pressure to provide an amazing type of relief. Don't worry the treatment doesn't stop there... Dr.Christina is known for making her treatments last by providing at home physical therapy exercise (no co-pay at home & never more than 7 minutes a piece... she is ALL about making it realistic) which will help to strengthen the muscles around the spine and hold the new alignment that she has created. She jokes that this is phase where you will need her less and less... which of course is the goal. (although you will miss us) The bottom line is that most patients that start mid back pain radiating to ribs treatment think that the solution is long, drawn out and expensive when in reality its easy, gentle, straight forward and on average takes about 6 weeks of treatment with Dr.Christina. If you are thinking about mid back pain radiating to ribs treatment but still have some questions... don't hesitate call or text us today.

It's time to overcome with your mid pain back radiating to ribs treatment

Ready for a change?

- Riley Q.

"After this treatment with Dr.Christina, I am able to sit at my desk without mid back pain!

what they're saying

When patients start at our office we always ask a TON of questions.. to be honest its the only way of REALLY figuring out what's going on. When it comes to mid back pain an interesting fact is that is very often can be focused on the right side. Hence why patients will put they are looking for mid back pain right side treatment. Why? Well, let me explain. The majority of the population is right handed so everything that part of the population does it TO THE RIGHT. Not to mention the fact that we shift the car with our right side, the mouse of the computer is to the right side... now that I've pointed it out you'll start to notice how much of our daily repetitive motion is to the right side. The increases the chance of the nerves pinching on that side. The good news is that when my patients are seeking mid back pain right side treatment, it is a very straight forward diagnoses and most patients blow right through their mid back pain right side treatment within about 6 to 8 weeks (depending on how long the pain has been there) and end up with a great result. 
The number one concern our new patients have when starting mid back pain right side treatment is that the chiropractic adjustment itself with hurt or be uncomfortable.. well, let me be the first one to tell you... IT ISN'T! Dr.Christina has fine tuned her very gentle (no twisting) technique since 2008 and has it down to a science. She has the ability to gently remove the pressure from the spinal nerve allowing it to heal and get back to feeling normal (aka NO PAIN). 
The other point that I would like to touch on is that sometimes patients think they are looking for Chiropractic mid back pain right side treatment when in actuality there is something more medical going on. Dr.Christina is KNOWN for her amazing relationships with MDs and PTs and will always refer you out if needed. Her goal is to get you feeling better even if she isn't the one to do it! 

Mid Back Pain Right Side Treatment

another common condition:
w/an easy solution

Dr. Christina Carter

Never hesitate to call or text us ANY questions that you have. We promise we've heard every question you could possibly be thinking and have transparent and truthful answers for them all. We want our New Patients to feel like they know what they are walking into and who they are going to be working with before they even step a foot inside our doors. We can't wait to meet you!

Lets start your Mid Back Pain Treatment TODAY.

don't miss this opportunity

- Caitlin, Clinic Manager at ayh

You are looking for mid back pain treatment Leawood & Overland Park and haven't found the office that you're looking for just yet.

You are looking for mid back pain radiating to ribs treatment but you're nervous the treatment will be expensive or take forever just to be unhappy with the result.

You are looking for mid back pain right side treatment but are nervous that if a Chiropractor will be able to diagnosed your pain properly and treat it effectively or better yet know when to refer you out to anther professional.

You have simply had mid back pain TOO LONG and are ready to ACT and get to feeling better.... NOW.

This is perfect for you can identify with the following:

-Caitlin, clinic manager

15 minutes each, gentle chiropractic + $45


treatment plan

30 minutes, review findings & get the plan.


second appointment

30 minutes, consult & exam + $57


new patient appointment

Yes! Can't wait to get started!

ready to make a move and begin your mid back pain treatment?

During this 30min appointment you will get to meet Dr. Christina and tell her ALL THE DETAILS! Trust me, we want to know it ALL. What makes it better, worse, how long.. EVERYTHING. This consult will be detailed and flow naturally into the exam + X-rays if they are needed. X-rays are an awesome diagnostic bonus in our office and our taken on site and then reviewed remotely by Dr. Jeff... yes, a one stop shop!


New patient appointment

This visit in an additional 30min appointment because we want you to be able to know everything there is possibily to know about your condition, why Dr.Christina is wanting to work with you, the plan to treat you AND to answer ANY and ALL questions that you might have. THEN, once we are on the same page we do your FIRST TREATMENT to start your journey to feeling better. Lets just say, this is the real start to gett you feeling better.


review your findings +
First treatment

We you move throughout your detailed and VERY tailored treatment plan, Dr. Christina will use her extremely effective protocols of a combination of gentle chiropractic care (no twisting and VERY gentle forces) combined with electrical stimulus. She will also talk "homework" aka what you can do at home to speed up this process as well as any rehab types of exercises that you can do as well.


treatment plan

Here's how it works at ayh...

- Becky B. 

"I can't imagine where I'd be without treatment by Dr.Christina! Seriously life-changing."

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