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place a credit card on file


We ask that you place a credit card on file during your first visit to avoid needing to swipe it each time. We promise, it's encrypted and kept very safe. You may use your HSA and change it at any time.

please arrive on time and alone


We ask that you arrive on time (not too early & not too late) for your appointment and that you come alone so we may limit how many people we have in our office.

masks are optional


Your Chiropractor will be wearing a mask during your treatment & is fully vaccinated and boosted.
If you forget your mask & would like one, we have them available directly by the door as you enter.

to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible.

thank you so much!

our covid policies


insurances that we do         accept

Blue Cross Blue Shield
- Kansas City, All States, Federal
- All PPO & HMO plans

- No plans accepted

- No plans accepted

Medicare Advantage 
- No plans accepted

- Only $57 for your Consult, Exam & X-rays.
- Only $45 for each treatment.

United Health Care
- Kansas City, All States
- All PPO & HMO plans
- Allsavers plan

- Traditional Part B WPS

- All PPO & HMO Plans

- No plans accepted as of 1/2022

insurances that we accept


We will always pick the option
that is best for you!


Financial stuff

No, Chiropractors do NOT prescribe medicine but Dr.Christina is known for her village approach of "whatever it takes to get you feeling better." That means she is VERY pro MD, Rx, physical therapy and will work seamlessly with anyone to get you feeling your best!

do chiropractor prescribe meds?

We DO treat children but on what we call a limited basis. Child athletes are the most commonly treated in of office with the second being wellness or preventative treatments. Dr.Christina does work well along your pediatrician when it comes to treating pain in children.

do you treat kids?

Chiropractic is VERY safe and we DO treat pregnant women however each case if different. If you are in extreme pain we recommend you seeing your doctor and starting there. If you are wanting to ease the birth process then we are a great choice.

do you treat pregnant women?

We get this question a lot and the answer is no. We understand that other Chiropractors treat things like sinuses, allergies, digestion issues, vertigo and ankle pain but we know what we excel at and like to stay in that box. A great reference is our webpage on "what & how". 

do you treat non musculoskeletal things?

Not at all! Chiropractors are considered "portal-of-entry" providers so no referral is needed. They can however help you with any referrals needed such as to Physical Therapy or to an Orthopedic doctor.

do i need a doctor referral to see a chiropractor?

Dr.Christina's technique is not only extremely effective but VERY gentle with NO twisting or popping of your neck in ANY way.

will she pop or twist my neck?

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- Becky B. 

"I can't imagine where I'd be without treatment by Dr.Christina! Seriously life-changing."

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