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We’ve helped thousands of people live life without pain.

Dr. Christina believes that only a personalized and comprehensive approach works when working to eliminate pain and to create a new level of wellness. 

Use gentle Chiropractic care

AYH Chiropractic is a patient-centric chiropractic care clinic located in Leawood, Kansas. We graciously serve Lenexa, Johnson County, the Kansas City Metro region, Leawood, Overland Park, and Olathe.

Dr.Christina uses a technique that is very gentle with absolutely NO twisting of the neck or the spine...and gets fantastic results!

In Practice since 2008

quick facts about us...

Kansas City's most Compassionate, family owned & women ran Chiropractic Clinic.

We are...

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This is Dr.Christina

This is caitlin

She's a chiropractic expert, diagnoses mastermind, results-obsessed,
detail-loving self-care activist, stubborn-as-heck achiever and individualist, Kansas City native puppy parent, wanna-be frequent flier and a cookie-eating fitness freak.

You'll also                             see her in brightly colored scrubs!

She's here to help you build that bridge between that unchecked dream way
of how you want to feel, move and live that you put on the shelf…
to you living pain free and creating true lasting wellness. 

Meet Dr. Christina.

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you will understand your condition and the plan to tackle it more than you ever thought was possible. education and knowledge create a foundation to build an effective and tailored treatment plan that will give you the results you deserve.

with a very detailed exam, spinal x-rays on site you will feel confident in your diagnosis and that you are on your way to finding the root cause of what's going on within your first visit.

The most thorough consultation you have ever had. you will feel listened to and that dr.christina truly knows what's going on and how its affecting your life by the time its over.

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Every phone call, each text, visit after visit, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Your treatment will be specifically tailored to you and each interaction should feel like its with family.

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genuine. Honest. Authentic. Transparent.

Jumping (okay maybe not jumping) out of bed feeling ready to tackle the day!

Filling up your calendar with everything from tennis to playing in the park with the kids.

Learning natural tools to help with pain along side your medication so you can take less of them.

to this with chiropractic care.

Hurting when you wake up and get out of bed in the morning.

Canceling plans because you don't feel well enough to go.

Timing your meals around when to take your pain medication.

just imagine going from...

How life can change with Chiropractic care from Dr.Christina

are you ready?

Some patients need a treatment plan (we call this Corrective Care) and some can start right off the back with what we call Wellness Care. Dr.Christina will help determine along with your goals and your condition which would work best for you. Remember, nothing is set in stone and we can change the path at any time.

step four:

Corrective or Wellness Care

These two appointments are about 30 minutes a piece because this is where we figure out what's going on, what's causing your pain, your goals and come up with a plan of attack. Sometimes we don't treat the first visit because we need to take some X-rays but don't worry once you begin your treatment, you'll feel like all that's left is to follow the path to feeling better.

step three:

New Patient Appointment & Report of Findings

Caitlin will text you a link to our online paperwork (yes, we are pretty high-tech) and we ask that you have it completed at least 48 hours before your appointment to give Dr.Christina time to review it. 

THEN... exactly 24 hours before your appointment Caitlin will text again you asking you to confirm your appointment. 

step two:

Complete your online paperwork & confirm your appointment.

You're ready? Let's do it!
Call or text Caitlin... 

She will go over ALL THE DETAILS such as finding the perfect day and time, cost, our covid protocols and how to complete your online paperwork. She's also here to answer any and all questions you may have.


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super transparency.

laying the foundation.

now we rock & roll.

its only

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You are looking for a quick fix or are expecting miracles over night and in one visit.

You are wanting a rough or traditional adjustment with lots of popping.

You are looking for a more impersonal relationship.

You are wanting a walk in office with lots of therapies that take 30+ minutes.

Our office is not for you if... 

Want to build a relationship with a Chiropractor to gain true and real results that will last.

Want a Chiropractor that uses a gentle technique with no twisting of the neck or spine.

Want a  Chiropractor that is very communicative and involved in your treatment and wellness goals.

Want an efficient office that runs by appointments and right on time.

Our office is for you if you... 

It's a yes!

It's a no...

we know what we're good at, 
here's a list of what we treat...

what we treat

we pride ourselves on transparency,
here's our process in detail...

our process

we think our patients say it best,
here's what they think...


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- Becky B. 

"I can't imagine where I'd be without treatment by Dr.Christina! Seriously life-changing."

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