First of all, we are honored and EXCITED! To be honest you have made the right choice so let's get you scheduled. Caitlin, our clinic manager is in charge of EVERYTHING. Just call or text her and she will get you all set up!

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New Patient appointment $97 is 30mins & includes consult, exam & X-rays.

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It may or may NOT include your first treatment but IF you are treated it's an additional $50.

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This phase is where we start treatment and the process of getting you feeling better.

During this appointment we will go over your findings from your Exam and X-rays as well as talk about the plan to get you to where you want to be.

This appointment is 30 minutes and includes your consultation with the Chiropractor, your exam so we can see what's going on as well as any needed X-rays.

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- no you don't have to wait until monday
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- we are here for YOU. 

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"I can't imagine where I'd be without treatment by Dr.Christina! Seriously life-changing."

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